An astounding 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. But HOW do you instill long-lasting, transformational behavioural AND financial results within your organization?

Introducing Customer Experience (CX) Mastery: a ground breaking new program led by international speaker and award-winning experience expert, Crystal D’Cunha, designed to bring fundamental, progressive change to your organization while creating an autonomous, positive culture. CX Mastery is an innovative, strategic and highly accountable approach to training your team and bringing excellence to your organization that will IGNITE your leaders, EXCITE your employees and DELIGHT your customers so they are loyal for life. 

And it begins with an inside approach. 

The framework of CX Mastery involves a comprehensive ecosystem of seven competencies, synergistically working together to drive sustained, extraordinary, behavioural change in your organization. This proven, results-driven method will immediately shift the way your company approaches CX in every single element of your organization.

Vision Vitals

Vision Vitals underscores your unified, idealistic vision for the future of your organization; created to inspire, motivate and powerfully connect every single employee while integrating the actionable items it takes to achieve your desired outcome.


Lovesick Leadership

In this competency, you will identify your leadership style and use this information to effectively communicate to your employees, resulting in high engagement and empowerment, amplifying their levels of performance.


Culture Connection

In this critical competency, you will uncover the essential elements that contribute to cultivating a culture of success from not only the top-down, but also from the inside-out.



Design to Delight

One of the most celebrated competencies in the CX Mastery program, in Design to Delight, you will undergo the ultra-profound ‘Journey Mapping’ methodology. Through this process, your detailed customer persona will be created, serving as your organizational compass to design the memorable, lasting experience your customer desires.

Top Talent

What does it take to attract the right talent for your organization? In this course, you will determine the potentiality to: design an engaging learning and development experience; how to set clear expectations; and how to inspire a magnetic spirit so your employees and future employees are set up to thrive.


Sales & Service Mastery

This competency enables you to shift your perspective on sales and service—the genesis of success stemming from the inside first. You will be able to identify and deeply understand the emotional connection between buyers and their decision-making process, allowing you to carefully and effectively craft your own sales process.


Coaching Confidence

In this competency, you will have an exclusive lesson in our signature approach to cultivating a customer-centric, confident culture that is rooted in the mindset of growth


  • An eight-week intensive of Crystal’s proven, transformational strategies

  • Access to a vibrant, global, CX-focused community

  • Responsive to today’s unique challenges

  • Interactive and expert-led learning experience, designed with busy, full-time professionals in mind

8-Week CX Mastery Certification         $3,997 USD/


In this abundant, comprehensive and rich certification program, you are immersed into the methodologies of the seven CX competencies that will drive lasting organizational change. Through this 8-week intensive approach to customer experience mastery, you will approach the content through both weekly interactive virtual training, led by renowned expert, Crystal D’Cunha, and self-paced {guided} study

Who is this designed for?

This course is thoughtfully designed for company executives, company directors or managers with a small team, and sales managers who are looking for a valuable way to add distinction to their resume and champion transformational change at their organization.

Our next eight-week certification launches on May 11th!



*For inquiries regarding Canadian funding options and any other questions you may have, a customer experience engineer would be delighted to assist you. Connect with us at or (289) 969-VIEW(8439)


Proudly Canadian, working with businesses across the globe.


is an award-winning customer experience expert…

Leading the Canadian landscape in the specialized field of customer experience,  award-winning executive and globally acclaimed speaker, Crystal D’Cunha, brings a distinct, charismatic and revolutionary approach to what it takes to drive transformative results in an organization.

A life-long learner, over the past two decades Crystal has received accreditations through leading-edge organizations, including John Maxwell, Tony Robbins, The Ritz Carlton, Jack Canfield and the world-renowned Disney Institute, where she received certification on leadership and business excellence, quality service and employee engagement. 

{Currently} as The Inside View’s Chief Experience Officer, Crystal deeply understands the symbiotic relationship between customer experience and financial success. Leveraging her over 22 years of accomplishments in retail, construction, non-profit, hospitality and e-commerce industries, Crystal is a trustworthy and highly-sought after guide to companies across the globe on leadership development, talent management and of course, customer experience, always driving spirited, permanent results. 

Crystal attended both York University and Brock University with a focus on business and corporate communications. She is a Certified Leadership Coach (CLC) and a Certified International Keynote Speaker, a unique designation held by less than 12% of professional speakers.

Crystal contributes to her industry by serving on several boards, including GrowYourBiz  and Customer Experience Week Canada, as well as being a chair of the YWCA Capital Campaign in Niagara. The role she is most proud of is being a "football" mom to her beloved son, Zorique. 


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